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The MedStudentLead Framework


An Australian Medical Student Leadership Framework.


About the Medical Student Leadership Framework

This document contains the competencies for the Australian medical student leadership (MedStudentLead) framework. The MedStudentLead framework has been informed by medical education providers, learners, and the medical profession. It has been developed as part of a mixed-methods multiphase study about medical leadership training and assessment in the Australasian medical education continuum. More detail on this process is in the MedStudentLead framework document.


Each section has an introduction statement, readings, example learning outcomes, and teaching and assessment recommendations.

The finalised MedStudentLead framework is available to download and use.

The MedStudentLead framework figure

Key Components of the Framework

Developing Self as a Leader

Leadership for Healthcare Collaboration

Leadership for Innovative Healthcare

What Others Have to Say About the Framework

I want to emphasise my strong support for the framework – it is comprehensive and impressive, and I can see how it could have a positive impact upon the skills of our future doctors.

Dr Kelly Valentin
Senior Lecturer and Professionalism and Leadership Domain Co-Lead, Curtin Medical School

Profile of Dr Kelly Valentin

The Research Team

Profile of PhD Candidate Simone Ross

Simone Ross
PhD Candidate and Senior Lecturer
College of Medicine and Dentistry
James Cook University

Professor Tarun Sep Gupta

Professor Tarun Sep Gupta
Head of Clinical School, Townsville
College of Medicine and Dentistry
James Cook University

Associate Professor Peter Johnson

Associate Professor
Peter Johnson

Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching

College of Medicine and Dentistry

James Cook University

Helpful Resources

Academic Curriculum Evaluation (Excel Workbook, 16 KB)


The Academic Curriculum Evaluation Excel Workbook is a tool created for reviewing the leadership competencies within your primary medical leadership program. This workbook is to be used in conjunction with the MedStudentLead framework.

Contact Simone

If you would like to discuss the MedStudentLead framework or other aspects of Simone's research, please leave your comments using the contact form or send Simone an email (

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